Eating Disorders

Preliminary self-test
Please answer the following questions based on your experience:
  1. Do you often have four or more of the following symptoms?
    • I'm afraid of being fat and want to lose weight.
    • Food is always on my mind
    • Feeling guilty after eating
    • Be very concerned about how easily various foods can cause you to gain weight
    • I often feel uneasy eating foods that I think will make me fat.
    Behavioral aspects:
    • Long term diet
    • Even if you are hungry, you will avoid eating
    • After eating, often choke or take laxatives or diuretics
    • Try to avoid eating foods containing sugar or fat
    • Do a lot of exercise regularly to control your weight
  2. Do the above symptoms cause significant trouble to you?
  3. Do the above symptoms have a significant negative impact on your life, such as study, work, social life, etc.?

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