Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Preliminary self-test
Please answer the following questions based on your experience:
  1. In the past twelve months, have you had difficulty controlling yourself and have the following thoughts and/or images recurring in your mind? (Multiple options available)
  2. Do you often try to suppress, escape, or neutralize these thoughts and/or images? (For example, when you go out, you are worried that you have not locked the door, so you check the door lock repeatedly; when you have scary or unpleasant thoughts, pray, calculate, or recite words silently in your mind.)
  3. Do you frequently repeat the following behaviors? (Multiple options available)
  4. Do you feel that these uncontrollable thoughts and/or behaviors are excessive or unreasonable?
  5. Does the above situation cause obvious trouble to you?
  6. Have the above situations had a significant negative impact on your life, such as studies, work, social life, etc.?

Analyze results